Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI)

For your research proposal to be approved, you first must complete the CITI Training.

The CITI Program is a subscription service providing free research ethics education to all members of our on campus research community. The CITI course is a protected site.

If you are new to the site, you may gain access at the following link: Simply choose Cal Poly Humboldt Sponsored Programs Foundation and ”Add a course.”

CAUTION: The ONLY course that will satisfy the IRB CITI requirement is the Social & Behavioral Research-Basic/Refresher, Basic Course.  This is true for undergraduate and graduate students, as well as for faculty and staff.

Alternatively, you may log on to CITI and follow these steps:


  1. Selecting this link will allow faculty and students to take any responsible research training course at no charge to your department.
  2. Once you have selected the link you will need to select new registration.
  3. Next select Cal Poly Humboldt Sponsored Programs Foundation Courses and Add a Course.
  4. Select the box for Social & Behavioral Research Investigators:
  5. This is the only box you need to check for IRB purposes.
  6. Social & Behavioral Research - Basic/Refresher, Basic Course is the only course required for submitting an IRB proposal.
  7. Please print an electronic version (pdf) of the Completion Report and submit with your proposal.